VanStrien Family

The first time I photographed Kyle & Jennifer, they were pregnant for their first baby girl who is now four years old and is joined by her two year old brother. Watching families grow is probably the best part of being a photographer. If I ever get to photograph your family I hope you bring me all the craziness! The kid who doesn’t want to be in the picture, kids playing get away from their parents, dad putting flip flops on the wrong feet, laughter, ice cream promises, smiles, outfit changes in dirty parking lots and true chaos. Don’t just bring me perfect, bring me your version of REAL. This is the VanStriens version of real and it brings me the most joy of all. Enjoy!

Van Strien-1Van Strien-3Van Strien-5Van Strien-7Van Strien-10Van Strien-12Van Strien-14Van Strien-19Van Strien-22Van Strien-24Van Strien-27Van Strien-31Van Strien-32Van Strien-34Van Strien-36Van Strien-39Van Strien-40Van Strien-42Van Strien-44Van Strien-48Van Strien-49Van Strien-50Van Strien-52Van Strien-57Van Strien-62Van Strien-63Van Strien-66Van Strien-67Van Strien-70Van Strien-73Van Strien-82Van Strien-84Van Strien-86Van Strien-92Van Strien-95Van Strien-96Van Strien-98Van Strien-102Van Strien-106Van Strien-107Van Strien-109Van Strien-111Van Strien-114Van Strien-115Van Strien-119Van Strien-121Van Strien-125Van Strien-127