Spielmaker Family

This past weekend I spent the afternoon with the Spielmaker family, as they got in the holiday spirt! Christmas time with little ones is so magical. The excitement and wonder of the season and all that go into it, is priceless. We decorated the Christmas tree with sentimental ornaments from Scout’s first Christmas. We made hot chocolate and ate way too many marshmallows! Then stirred the cookie dough while licking spoons and took their sweet pups on an afternoon walk. This family session was extra special because we were also celebrating their sweet dog’s life as I captured their last days together.

It is families like these that I love to photograph. A family that embraces the simple joys, traditions, smiles, giggles, laughter and most importantly, time together. Thank you for letting me in to capture the love!Blog416Blog417Blog418Blog419Blog420Blog421Blog422Blog423Blog424Blog425Blog426Blog427Blog428Blog429Blog430Blog431Blog432Blog434Blog435Blog436Blog437Blog438Blog439Blog440Blog441Blog442Blog443Blog444Blog445Blog446Blog447Blog448Blog449Blog450Blog451Blog452Blog453Blog454Blog455Blog456Blog457Blog458Blog459Blog460Blog461Blog462Blog463Blog464Blog465Blog466Blog467Blog468Blog469Blog470Blog471Blog472Blog473Blog474Blog475Blog476Blog477Blog478Blog479Blog480Blog481Blog482Blog483Blog484Blog485Blog486Blog487Blog488Blog489Blog490Blog491Blog492Blog493Blog494Blog495Blog496Blog497