My true passion is for people. Each human soul, hand crafted and created by God, so individually unique and different from one another. It is my greatest delight to seek the raw emotion and genuine feelings that emerge when you are surrounded by the ones you love. I want to capture the passion that burns in the eyes of a bride as she rests in her husband’s embrace, a dad holding back tears as he walks his daughter down the aisle, a mother’s gaze as she watches her son dance with his new bride, a grandma and grandpa sharing a slow dance as they remember their wedding night 50 years before. I strive to catch the blissful moments that this beautiful life brings so that you may have them to cherish forever.

When my camera is charging and images are backing up, I like to put my feet up and enjoy the quietness of life. My husband, family and close friends are who I spend my hours with. I have a major sweet tooth,  I am a homebody at heart, I love a good bath and don’t EVER go a day without singing. I also coach girls high school volleyball which is just as much about teaching life lessons, faith and relationships as it is about the sport. I too was a bride myself this year and got married January 7, 2017! After seeing and being a part of so many gorgeous weddings, it was so fun to finally plan my own. After choosing a photographer for my own wedding I have found a new passion for what I strive to deliver to my clients. It was so hard to pick just one “style” of photography which is what most photographers offer. I wanted some of the classic traditional portraits and poses but I also love the dark, moody, real, intimate moments. It is sometimes about the in-between moments, the imperfectly perfect moments and the story telling that truly documents your wedding day. My editing is what gives me my “style” but the composition of my images incorporate all of the things that I really love. I love natural light photography but I know how to use a little extra light if an image or setting calls for it. I can be a perfectionist during portraits but always have my camera up and ready to capture the most real of moments that happen on a wedding day.

 If these are things you are looking for, I would love to talk! Get in contact, tell me your love story, share your wedding dreams and together we will make magic.